LOWS Winter Closing

Wintertime is almost over and spring already on our doorstep. Therefore, we want to celebrate the end of the Skiing season together with you! We are inviting all pilots to join the “Salzburg Winter Closing event!

When? Saturday, 28th March 2020 16:00z-20:00z

Where? Salzburg International Airport (LOWS/SZG)

Slots! Book Real-world flights down below or via https://vats.im/lows

This is a “RealOPS” event featuring real-world callsigns, valid predefined routes and departure times from a very busy winter-charter Saturday at LOWS!

Salzburg will be operating at full capacity with FULL-ATC for 4 hours, offering the perfect end to this year’s winter season.

Experience the alpine beauty of Salzburg airport – as real (and as busy) as it gets! Book your flight now and don’t miss the chance of being a part of the “Salzburg Winter Closing” event!


Titel LOWS Winter Closing
Datum 28.03.2020
von 17:00 (lcl)
bis 21:00 (lcl)


Slots gesamt 97
Slots gebucht 53
Slots verfügbar 44
Slot Übersicht / Slot Buchung...


Salzburg Approach (LOWS_APP) 123,720 Mhz
Salzburg Director (LOWS_F_APP) 134,970 Mhz
Salzburg Tower (LOWS_TWR) 118,100 Mhz
Salzburg Delivery (LOWS_DEL) 121,750 Mhz
Wien Center (LOVV_CTR) 134,350 Mhz